Professional Soccer Coaching


Professional Soccer Coaching   is an online soccer coaching education platform with a massive library with over 400 sessions created by professional coaches from leagues such as UEFA, FA, USSF, and soccer academies around the world for professional and amateur coaches.   The training sessions are in HD video format with printable PDF’s. It contains an online calendar system for coaches and trainers to plan and periodize their training plan.The founders of the program are working coaches for U-23 and professional level players. PSC in not just for adult players  it also includes training content for as young as age 9. The searchable library is broken down into the following categories and available in over 50 languages.

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  • Control and Receiving
  • Passing
  • Finishing
  • Crossing
  • Defending
  • Heading
  • Dribbling
  • Feints & Moves
  • Goal Keeping
  • Tactical
  • Functional Training
  • Phases of Play
  • Small Sided Games
  • Formation Training
Fitness & Conditioning
  • Activation
  • Aerobic Training
  • An-Aerobic Training
  • Strength Training
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness
  • Warm Ups
  • Match Management
  • Psychology
  • Injuries
Systems of Play
  • Tactics & Line-Ups
  • Tactics News & Analysis
Training Model
  • Attacking Organization
  • Defending Organization
  • Attacking Transition
  • Defending Transition


  • $19.99 for 1 year, 1 user
  • Access to technical and tactical modules
  • Over 300 Professional Sessions
  • Video Tutorrials
  • Training Calendar
  • $69.00 for 1 year, 1 user
  • Full Access to all session content and videos including future content
  • More than 400 Professional Sessions
  • Video Tutorials
  • Training Calendars
  • $249.00 for 1 year, 5 users
  • Community multi-level access for organization including all content and tools
  • More than 400 Professional Sessions
  • Video Tutorials
  • Multiple Training Calendars


I would recommend creating a free account or visiting their Facebook page before committing first, so you can see the quality of the program. You won’t have access to much (which would be nice if they gave a little more) but its enough to see what they offer and how much of the sport they cover. If you are a serious coach this program is for you. The videos they have are shot with drones so you get a clear view of how the drills work. The site also provides downloaded pdfs with formations and tactics. Overall I think the program is very well structured, professional quality content, a bit pricey but $19.99 deal is a good option to start with. If you are interested in PSC, you can sign up here.


2 Replies to “Professional Soccer Coaching”

  1. Hi Esteban,

    Thank you very much for the professional soccer coaching resource you have thoughtfully provided here. Its hard where to look online for such information as my mind is rusty in this area. I use to play a lot when I was younger and was naturally quite good. However, I just did my own thing and didn’t learn any formations or anything haha.

    So now I have the chance to coach kids it would be nice to be a little more knowledgeable so the kids can learn something valuable to.

    Thank you and I am going now to check them out. All the best 🙂 .

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