The Story of Soccer – A look back on soccer history

Soccer is truly the sport of all nations. There are many accounts of games being played with a ball and feet tracing back thousands of years back in various parts of the world. Soccer has an amazing story to tell and many surprising things I bet you didn’t know about before you read this post.

Early History

Soccer traces all the way back ancient times and went by many names as well. The Greeks, Egyptians and even back to ancient Japan and China in the second and third century BC during the Han Dynasty. However, it was not the soccer we are familiar with today. It went by many names and was played differently from country to country. The Japanese played a game called “Kemari” and was played int the Imperial Court of Japan in which players would stand in circle and would keep the ball from hitting the ground using various body parts, which not to mention is a common game played now days that helps improve ball control. Pretty cool right? What’s even more mind blowing is that there are even records documented by an explorer named John Davis in 1586, who landed in Greenland and saw the Eskimos playing a ball similar to soocer. In the early 1800s there are also records of many indigenous tribes in Australia playing the game. The list goes on and on. But soccer was not loved by everyone in the world despite its popularity. Soccer was banned more than 30 times in recorded history since the medieval times. The first ban was actually in 1314 by The Lord of Mayors Nicholas de Farndone. The game was banned many times more throughout history for various reasons. In some instances because soldiers would skip out on archery practice to play the game and this was unacceptable. Other reasons being because of too many players playing at once, grudges that started during the game were often carried out after the games and violence.

Evolution of the ball

The first soccer balls used were usually made of inflated animal bladders or made of animal skin inflated or stuffed with feathers. In the latter years balls were then made of leather and rubber. The classic soccer ball we know today (the black and white ball with the pentagon/hexagons panels) were popularized in the 1960’s and was used for the first time in 1970 world cup

Old Soccer Ball


The Cambridge Rules were a set of rules formed in 1848 that were the first step towards organized Football. However, the rules were not very popular outside of English Schools/Universities. Another set of rules called the Sheffield rules were formed in 1857 by Nathaniel Creswick of Sheffield England. These rules became very popular and introduced many rules that are still used today such as, corner kicks, throw ins, free kicks, and hand balls. Throughout the 18th century were many clubs and schools/universities that had their own rules, so not everyone was still on same page yet. It actually wasn’t until 1863, in which the FA (Football Association) was formed. The FAs’ goal was to unify Football, and they set out get other clubs to join. Many meetings were held towards the end of the year and finally the first official set of rules were released. This became to be known as, The Laws of Football.



Fifa World Cup

The first World Cup was in 1930 organized by FIFA of course, and was won by Uruguay. The World Cup has been held every four years since then except during WW2. Thirty two teams compete for one trophy and this event is the most watched worldwide. What makes this tournament even more interesting is that the teams are not limited to age or amateur status of the players, so this truly a match of the worlds’ best players.

Fans at soccer stadium

Amazing isnt it?

Football or Soccer is truly an amazing sport. Who would have known that it would trace back to ancient times? And not only that but even thousands of years back it was still being played all over the eastern hemisphere! Of course back then it was not as structured or organized as it is now, but the passion was there. The love of the game united and brought the world together to participate in one thing that has its own language that everyone can speak. The World cup if proof that man kind is capable of coming together putting aside differences. The World cup is here! So call your friends, call your family get your teams jersey and watch the games!

kids playing soccer





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