Epic Soccer Training Review- Does it work?

Im going to make this review short but provide you with enough details for  you to make your decision. The Epic Soccer Training in my personal opinion, may not be the best program out there to train and improve your skills, but it is a legit program and very affordable.

About Epic Soccer Training

Epic Soccer Training is online program that is organized into 3 modules (which I will explain later) with about 10-20 videos in each one. There are over 70 PDFs which can be downloaded and are helpful  when it comes to explaining the content  in  detail but can be a  bit hard to understand depending on your experience. The Creator of the program is Matt Smith, who claims to be a former professional player and coach. I did some research on Matt but could not find anything solid to prove who is. The reason I did this is because on the website he does not say which professional team he played for, which I find kind of strange. I did find a page with his name, but no picture, confirming on of his claims on his webpage. Whatever the case, the content of the package is valuable and the price isn’t too bad. Three payments of $39. 97 is what it will cost you, and he has an exclusive deal if you buy it within 10 minutes after landing on the sales page in which you will only pay two payments of $39. 97 and you also get  4 sign up bonuses. Not to mention you get to try it for 8 weeks with a 100% money back guarantee. Let’s get into the modules.


There are 3 modules the program offers, The Rock, The Cup, and The Factory. It’s pretty straight forward. The Rock will cover basic techniques that are applicable to all skill levels including beginners, and as you move up in the training you will be introduced to new and advanced techniques/drills. The modules will cover, skill, conditioning, and mental/technical aspects of the game.


  • Soccer Fitness guide: Interval training exercises, fitness and agility skills (39.99)
  • Nutrition Guide: Best foods for before and after game, foods that will prevent cramping (44.95)
  • Epic soccer training vault: Video classroom sessions, tricks and moves, over 2 hours of videos (79.95)
  • Ultimate Soccer Coaching Guide to training: This is for coaches who want to learn how to maximize training time with their team, and run coaching sessions to keep players involved (24.95)

*the bonus packs are free, the price is what they are valued at.


  • Affordable pricing and sign up bonuses
  • Quality content
  • 100% money back guarantee within 8 weeks
  • Mobile friendly, Android, IOS


  • Online based, only PDFs are downloadable
  • Not quite sure if Matt Smith really was pro.

The choice is yours. There are many good training programs and I chose this one because of the affordability. Soccer camps are very expensive and not everyone is fortunate enough to afford them. Plus Matt brings up a good point when he says traditional soccer practices do not give players much time on the ball. If your really want to improve your skill, you need more time with ball. Whether or not Matt Smith was a pro or not, he does seem experienced. If you are serious about improving your skills, I do not see this as bad choice. There are plenty other reviews and there are some people who feel like it didn’t work for them or their kids, but hey, that’s going to happen with any product. There is no product out there in any category that will work for everyone, and that’s because not everyone is for the product. You have to put in the work for this to  work. The program is there to guide you and show new things and information, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you.vSo if you have made your choice and you want to sign up click below. Have a great day everyone

Epic Soccer Training


2 Replies to “Epic Soccer Training Review- Does it work?”

  1. Well it sounds not all that bad to me. Don’t like the time limited deal, but so what.
    Online based with pdf? I’m ok with that because i’m working with my 10 year old daughter who is obsessed with the game. It would keep me engaged with her training which she loves when we do.
    I’m sure the program follows a path of progression which isn’t too far away from others and when I see reviews that it didn’t make their son Ronaldo, well maybe he’s not Ronaldo or maybe they didn’t put the work in.

    1. Ronaldo worked hard to get where he is at. This guy was super skinny before he big. He was skilled, but didnt have the speed strength. It always comes down to the individuals motivation/determination.

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