Epic Soccer Training Review- Does it work?

Im going to make this review short but provide you with enough details for  you to make your decision. The Epic Soccer Training in my personal opinion, may not be the best program out there to train and improve your skills, but it is a legit program and very affordable.

About Epic Soccer Training

Epic Soccer Training is online program that is organized into 3 modules (which I will explain later) with about 10-20 videos in each one. There are over 70 PDFs which can be downloaded and are helpful  when it comes to explaining the content  in  detail but can be a  bit hard to understand depending on your experience. The Creator of the program is Matt Smith, who claims to be a former professional player and coach. I did some research on Matt but could not find anything solid to prove who is. The reason I did this is because on the website he does not say which professional team he played for, which I find kind of strange. I did find a page with his name, but no picture, confirming on of his claims on his webpage. Whatever the case, the content of the package is valuable and the price isn’t too bad. Three payments of $39. 97 is what it will cost you, and he has an exclusive deal if you buy it within 10 minutes after landing on the sales page in which you will only pay two payments of $39. 97 and you also get  4 sign up bonuses. Not to mention you get to try it for 8 weeks with a 100% money back guarantee. Let’s get into the modules.


There are 3 modules the program offers, The Rock, The Cup, and The Factory. It’s pretty straight forward. The Rock will cover basic techniques that are applicable to all skill levels including beginners, and as you move up in the training you will be introduced to new and advanced techniques/drills. The modules will cover, skill, conditioning, and mental/technical aspects of the game.


  • Soccer Fitness guide: Interval training exercises, fitness and agility skills (39.99)
  • Nutrition Guide: Best foods for before and after game, foods that will prevent cramping (44.95)
  • Epic soccer training vault: Video classroom sessions, tricks and moves, over 2 hours of videos (79.95)
  • Ultimate Soccer Coaching Guide to training: This is for coaches who want to learn how to maximize training time with their team, and run coaching sessions to keep players involved (24.95)

*the bonus packs are free, the price is what they are valued at.


  • Affordable pricing and sign up bonuses
  • Quality content
  • 100% money back guarantee within 8 weeks
  • Mobile friendly, Android, IOS


  • Online based, only PDFs are downloadable
  • Not quite sure if Matt Smith really was pro.

The choice is yours. There are many good training programs and I chose this one because of the affordability. Soccer camps are very expensive and not everyone is fortunate enough to afford them. Plus Matt brings up a good point when he says traditional soccer practices do not give players much time on the ball. If your really want to improve your skill, you need more time with ball. Whether or not Matt Smith was a pro or not, he does seem experienced. If you are serious about improving your skills, I do not see this as bad choice. There are plenty other reviews and there are some people who feel like it didn’t work for them or their kids, but hey, that’s going to happen with any product. There is no product out there in any category that will work for everyone, and that’s because not everyone is for the product. You have to put in the work for this to  work. The program is there to guide you and show new things and information, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you.vSo if you have made your choice and you want to sign up click below. Have a great day everyone

Epic Soccer Training


Adidas Smart Soccer Ball- The future of soccer training.

Adidas Smart Soccer Ball

Available on Amazon

adidas smart ball

The Adidas Smart Soccer Ball is is pushing the boundaries of soccer training. If you thought the DribbleUP Smart ball was amazing, this one blows it out of the park. The technology behind this ball is far more advanced. The app comes gives you instant feedback based on your performance, it has challenges in the app that you can do by yourself or with a friend and much more.

The app.

The Adidas Smart Ball comes with an app called miCoach,  just like any other smart device. The ball is synced with the app via bluetooth allowing it to provide real time/life data. Yes you do need to charge the ball but other than that is pretty much a regular. One charge will last about 1 to 2 weeks based on how much you use it. It requires to be inflated just like any other ball. Not to crazy about the design though. The DUdribble app is good, but will only allow you practice in front of the phone. Meaning you will only be able to work on your touches. Since the Adidas Smart ball syncs with its app via bluetooth, The miCoach app will show how to shoot around walls, and where you need to strike the ball, and will give you instant feedback on your accuracy and speed of the ball. It will even show you the flight path the ball took when you struck the ball.  The miCoach app is literally like having a personal coach. Here are the options within the app.

mi coach appmi coachmi coach app

Kick It  is like a free play option in videos games used to measure your kicks. The user will determine with which foot will be used,  then tap on  Kick,  and then shoot after you hear a whistle.

Get Better:  In Get Better, the app gives a complete feed back of your shots. Based on what type of shots you are trying to do, the app will give you tips on what to work on whether its more speed, more spin, less power,  etc. the app will tell you. You will also be see the ball spin, speed, point of contact and flight path. In this section there are ball mastery videos, and modules for striking, free kicks and spin.

  • Challenges:This where all the fun is. In this section you can set a goal range for the type of shot you want to take. There are also pro challenges that allow you to work on around the wall/over the wall shots and tell you how much speed and spin you need to accomplish the shots. You can even add a user so you and your friend compete.

This ball is amazing. I will be getting one soon and will be posting a video about it soon. Righ now Adidas is sold out so you will not be able to buy from them know, and I’m clueless to know if they will even be making more. The ball is available on amazon at the moment. Hope you found this review helpful and if you do happen to buy one, feel free to share your experience below. Have a great day.

For the love of the game

Soccer Training Equipment- The smart ball

We live in the age of information and technology. Over the past 10 years technology has very much revolutionized everything around us. It has created new ways of doing things, so that our lives can become easier and do things more effectively. We have, smart phones, smart tv’s, smart refrigerators, smart toasters! Ok I made that last one up, but I bet if you google it I’m sure theres something out there. I came across this one product that I thought was pretty amazing, ready?…. The smart ball. Sounds amazing right? It is. Heres everything you need to know about The DribbleUP Smart Soccer Ball.

DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

DribbleUp Smart Soccer ball

The DU Smart Soccer ball, is a smart ball built like any other genuine soccer ball. There are no batteries, wires or any electronic components to it. So no need to worry about how the ball will feel, its a real soccer ball. However what separtes this ball from the ones you and I grew up playing with, is that it seeminglessly pairs with the app that is used for training.

How does it work

When the app is launched, the ball is placed in front of the phone and phone will scan the ball and then viola, the ball is now in sync with the app. The ball keeps track of your touches and speed and after the drill is up, you will get feed back on your performance so you will know what to work on. This will allow you to easily train from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. Another cool thing you can do is if you have a smart tv, you can mirror your phone to the tv so you can have a larger view of what your doing.


  • real time audio feed back
  • virtual trainer
  • drill by drill breakdown,
  • no wires, chargers or batteries
  • tablet/cell phone stand


If your looking for ways to effectively train on your own without investing to much money, this is a great option for you. You can buy the DU smart ball for as low as $99.99 on Amazon if you get it with out the tablet stand. This would make a great gift for anyone trying to improve their skills. If your not impressed, Adidas has their own smart ball that is more high tech than the Dribble up. This particular ball does require it to be charged but depending on how much you use it one charge can last up to a week. The Adidas website is currently sold out, but you can buy it on Amazon. If you want to read my review before you buy it, you can follow this link. And please, feel free to leave comments. Have a great day.

adidas smart ball


Professional Soccer Coaching


Professional Soccer Coaching   is an online soccer coaching education platform with a massive library with over 400 sessions created by professional coaches from leagues such as UEFA, FA, USSF, and soccer academies around the world for professional and amateur coaches.   The training sessions are in HD video format with printable PDF’s. It contains an online calendar system for coaches and trainers to plan and periodize their training plan.The founders of the program are working coaches for U-23 and professional level players. PSC in not just for adult players  it also includes training content for as young as age 9. The searchable library is broken down into the following categories and available in over 50 languages.

Sign up here


  • Control and Receiving
  • Passing
  • Finishing
  • Crossing
  • Defending
  • Heading
  • Dribbling
  • Feints & Moves
  • Goal Keeping
  • Tactical
  • Functional Training
  • Phases of Play
  • Small Sided Games
  • Formation Training
Fitness & Conditioning
  • Activation
  • Aerobic Training
  • An-Aerobic Training
  • Strength Training
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness
  • Warm Ups
  • Match Management
  • Psychology
  • Injuries
Systems of Play
  • Tactics & Line-Ups
  • Tactics News & Analysis
Training Model
  • Attacking Organization
  • Defending Organization
  • Attacking Transition
  • Defending Transition


  • $19.99 for 1 year, 1 user
  • Access to technical and tactical modules
  • Over 300 Professional Sessions
  • Video Tutorrials
  • Training Calendar
  • $69.00 for 1 year, 1 user
  • Full Access to all session content and videos including future content
  • More than 400 Professional Sessions
  • Video Tutorials
  • Training Calendars
  • $249.00 for 1 year, 5 users
  • Community multi-level access for organization including all content and tools
  • More than 400 Professional Sessions
  • Video Tutorials
  • Multiple Training Calendars


I would recommend creating a free account or visiting their Facebook page before committing first, so you can see the quality of the program. You won’t have access to much (which would be nice if they gave a little more) but its enough to see what they offer and how much of the sport they cover. If you are a serious coach this program is for you. The videos they have are shot with drones so you get a clear view of how the drills work. The site also provides downloaded pdfs with formations and tactics. Overall I think the program is very well structured, professional quality content, a bit pricey but $19.99 deal is a good option to start with. If you are interested in PSC, you can sign up here.


Sklz Quikster

Sklz Quickster Soccer Trainer

sklz quickster

Key Features

  • Sklz quickster
  • 2 sides 6ftx4in large side 6ftx20in small side
  • Light weight and portable
  • Easily dissembles
  • Where to buy: Amazon.com


The Sklz Quickster is a rebounder just like the Franklin launch ramp. This is a little more expensive than the Franklin by not buy much. 30-50 bucks. Could not find the exact weight for this product, but is pretty light and easy to move around. It features two sides, the smaller side is meant for ground passes, and the larger side for working on volleys, which both each give accurate rebounds.It’s larger than the Franklin ramp give more space to work with and it also can be dissembled so you can bring it with you to the field. Amazon has it listed for a lower price than the original manufacturer but if bought through them you get access to online training videos. Great product for working on a variety of skills, headers, chest, first touch, passing, shooting and more.


The straps on the corners tend to rip after some time.  Although the Quickster does come with stakes to secure into the ground, I would recommend using sand bags. The stakes come loose after being used a lot.