Adidas Smart Soccer Ball- The future of soccer training.

Adidas Smart Soccer Ball

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adidas smart ball

The Adidas Smart Soccer Ball is is pushing the boundaries of soccer training. If you thought the DribbleUP Smart ball was amazing, this one blows it out of the park. The technology behind this ball is far more advanced. The app comes gives you instant feedback based on your performance, it has challenges in the app that you can do by yourself or with a friend and much more.

The app.

The Adidas Smart Ball comes with an app called miCoach,  just like any other smart device. The ball is synced with the app via bluetooth allowing it to provide real time/life data. Yes you do need to charge the ball but other than that is pretty much a regular. One charge will last about 1 to 2 weeks based on how much you use it. It requires to be inflated just like any other ball. Not to crazy about the design though. The DUdribble app is good, but will only allow you practice in front of the phone. Meaning you will only be able to work on your touches. Since the Adidas Smart ball syncs with its app via bluetooth, The miCoach app will show how to shoot around walls, and where you need to strike the ball, and will give you instant feedback on your accuracy and speed of the ball. It will even show you the flight path the ball took when you struck the ball.  The miCoach app is literally like having a personal coach. Here are the options within the app.

mi coach appmi coachmi coach app

Kick It  is like a free play option in videos games used to measure your kicks. The user will determine with which foot will be used,  then tap on  Kick,  and then shoot after you hear a whistle.

Get Better:  In Get Better, the app gives a complete feed back of your shots. Based on what type of shots you are trying to do, the app will give you tips on what to work on whether its more speed, more spin, less power,  etc. the app will tell you. You will also be see the ball spin, speed, point of contact and flight path. In this section there are ball mastery videos, and modules for striking, free kicks and spin.

  • Challenges:This where all the fun is. In this section you can set a goal range for the type of shot you want to take. There are also pro challenges that allow you to work on around the wall/over the wall shots and tell you how much speed and spin you need to accomplish the shots. You can even add a user so you and your friend compete.

This ball is amazing. I will be getting one soon and will be posting a video about it soon. Righ now Adidas is sold out so you will not be able to buy from them know, and I’m clueless to know if they will even be making more. The ball is available on amazon at the moment. Hope you found this review helpful and if you do happen to buy one, feel free to share your experience below. Have a great day.

For the love of the game

9 Replies to “Adidas Smart Soccer Ball- The future of soccer training.”

  1. I really like this idea of adding tech to the field of play. My daughter who is 10 is on of the premier defence in our city and I am always looking for ways she likes to help her improve.
    So the ball works with dribbling but only in front of the phone so the real focus is on improving your shot taking?

    I’m wondering if the ball is effective for kids and does it come in size 4?

  2. Oh my gosh, a smart soccer ball? I didn’t even know there was such a thing but the Adidas Smart Soccer ball would make a great Christmas present for my high school aged son who LOVES soccer. Thank you for for the great gift idea!

  3. My eldest kid mentioned this Adidas Smart Soccer Ball the other day. When he said it came with an application., I struggled to believe him. As a huge soccer fan and former central defender I decided I had to dig deeper and that is how I found your website.
    Although I love technology, I am generally very old school when it comes to football, but I must say this is awesome. I absolutely ignored the existence of such a ball. I do not need it to train professionally (not anymore, unfortunately), but it could come in very handy to teach my children how to properly shoot and other things. To be honest I would also like to use it myself, sounds like a blast and I am absolutely curious to see how the app would assess my skills (I think I am still good, despite being in my early forties).
    That you know is this the best ball+app currently available on the market or are there similar products? You opened a whole new world for me…
    Thank you very much in advance for your reply and for providing valuable information.

    1. There is another smart ball product that I did a review on called the dribbleUp smart soccer ball. I personally like the Adidas one better because the app it comes with is way more interactive, and has more features. You do have to charge the Adidas one, but on charge will last more or less a week depending on how much you use it. I havnt seen any other smart ball products other than these two

  4. Hi Emendoza,
    Do you think this would be good for my 5 year old son? He’s only played one season but if it’s something you’d recommend I think it would make such a great Christmas present!

    1. I guess it would depend on how tech savvy your 5 year old is. You also need a smart phone or tablet because It comes with an app. The app may be to advanced for him to use and or understand. But again, you would be the better judge of that. I have other product reviews that would be more suitable for him if you are looking for other options.

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