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I am man of many interests and love trying new things, whether it is a food I have never tasted, a form of art I have not explored or even a genre of music I do not normally listen to, I’ll give it a try. One thing that I will always love it “Futbol”, or soccer. I have loved the sport ever since I was in middle school and played every time I had a chance. I played for my high school team and play intramural in College. My closets friends that I have made I met playing soccer. The sport speaks for itself and brings people of all backgrounds together. It has its own language that any player can understand. Soccer it life, soccer it love


If you are a soccer player or coach, you will find plenty of information for training, product reviews and nutritional information as well so you can be the player or coach you want to be. The information i give is based of personal experience and research. Please feel free to leave your opinions and feedback as well.

ball on a soccer field

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