Sklz Quikster

Sklz Quickster Soccer Trainer

sklz quickster

Key Features

  • Sklz quickster
  • 2 sides 6ftx4in large side 6ftx20in small side
  • Light weight and portable
  • Easily dissembles
  • Where to buy:


The Sklz Quickster is a rebounder just like the Franklin launch ramp. This is a little more expensive than the Franklin by not buy much. 30-50 bucks. Could not find the exact weight for this product, but is pretty light and easy to move around. It features two sides, the smaller side is meant for ground passes, and the larger side for working on volleys, which both each give accurate rebounds.It’s larger than the Franklin ramp give more space to work with and it also can be dissembled so you can bring it with you to the field. Amazon has it listed for a lower price than the original manufacturer but if bought through them you get access to online training videos. Great product for working on a variety of skills, headers, chest, first touch, passing, shooting and more.


The straps on the corners tend to rip after some time.  Although the Quickster does come with stakes to secure into the ground, I would recommend using sand bags. The stakes come loose after being used a lot.

Renegade Soccer Training Review


Everyone and their mom were doing Taebo back in the 90’s! Heck,  even my mom did Taebo and bunch of other home work out videos too. Renegade Soccer Training is similar to that, but without the corny music and funky clothes. It is an at home, off day training program that offers one time purchase programs and exclusive all access memberships for teams. So if you are a coach, you can register your team and they will all have access to new content every month. The program was designed very well for drills to be done at home, and you won’t need much room  (its actually better to train in smaller spaces in my personal opinion). The programs also  have many videos to watch. Its almost like having  your own person coach at home guiding you every step of the way.

The training program is thoroughly planned out for you so all you have to do is put in the work. It is customizable so that you may train on your free days for any amount of time. Some of the programs have videos that start out at a beginners level (basic techniques that even an advanced player should practice)  and go all the way to advanced levels that college/professional players do. If you are serious about improving your skills and are willing to invest some money into your training I would recommend this product, especially if you don’t have much friends that you can play soccer with on your off days. If money is tight, they have plenty of short videos on their youtube page that are free. They also have a one time special offer for $27.  Not bad…  Oops! I forgot to mention. They have a 30 money back guarantee, so if you don’t like the program you can get your money back. If your a coach reading this, I would also recommend looking into Professional Soccer Coaching. Its an online soccer coaching program that tons of information you can use to improve your teams.

 Programs and details

  • Total Control System, $247 : 60 Day Program that is organized into 12 modules, progress tracker, all videos are downloadable, includes all of the pr0grams listed below)
  • Mastery of Touch, $127: 30 day Day Program, 155+ footwork pattern movements, progress tracker, all videos are downloadable, Advanced level
  • Next Level Dribbling, $67: 30 day program, progress tracker, 35+ Soccer drills broken into 10, 15-20 min. videos, all videos are downloadable.
  • Evolution of Touch, $67: 30 day program, progress tracker,  starts at beginners level to advanced level, videos, all videos are downloadable.
  • Wall Warrior, $97: 30 Day Program, 35+ Soccer drills broken into 12 videos, progress tracker, all levels, all videos are downloadable.


What ever you decide to do just make sure you train in between your practices. Doesn’t matter if its only 15 mins, this is the only way you will be become the player you want to be.

for the love of the game

Franklin Sports Launch Ramp Soccer Trainer

Franklin Launch Ramp

franklin launch ramp

Key Features

  • Assembled size: 38″ x 42″ x 35.75″
  • 11.01 pounds
  • Ramp provides a roll rebound that helps with trapping, volleying, shooting, and passing.
  • Portable and light weight
  • Where to Buy:


The Franklin launch ramp is a great piece of training equipment that will help you work on various skills. The ramp is curved so when you pass the ball to the ramp you get a controlled rebound that will send the ball into air giving you the opportunity to work on a variety of drills. You can work on headers and simply head the ball into the goal, stop ball with your thigh then shoot into the net,  stop ball with chest then shoot, or simply work on volley shoots and strike on first touch. This product was designed very well and is not too heavy at all, just about 11 pounds and is not very expensive either, you can get one for about 100 bucks or less. If your a soccer coach looking to add equipment to your arsenal, this is a great investment.


There are a couple of things you should keep in mind before you buy this product. It is light weight and easy to move around, but it is a little on the large side for it to fit in small car. Would be a bit of a struggle to bring it with you to field if your car is small. If you have a back yard or decent size car, then this wont be an issue. The net also tends to rip a bit, and the rebound side of the Franklin Launch Ramp doesn’t give a controlled rebound like the ramp side.

How to Improve Soccer Skills- Drills you can do on your own


Soccer is my favorite sport. I started playing in high school and intramural in college and would  play with friends on my free days. I met most of my closest friends through soccer  but never became as good as I wanted to be (at least not good enough to be a starter on a college team), and lot of times I had to play alone to improve my skills. If you a serious player or just want to improve your skills, I have created this post to share things that I did in the past on my own that of you can easily do on your own as well.

Find a Wall

Playing with your friends is the best way to improve in soccer, but they may not always be around. When you are training solo, your best friend is a wall. The wall will always return the ball to you allowing you to get more touches on the ball.  The wall is good for working on passing, first touch, shooting and trapping.


With the inside of your foot, pass the ball to the wall and when the ball returns to you use your first touch to cross the ball over to the opposite foot and pass back to the wall. Do at least 10 passes with each foot. I would also do a set off the ground volleying the ball off the wall and alternating feet. You can also volley ball to wall, stop with your thigh then volley back to the wall using inside of your foot. 10 passes each foot, then do the same but with your upper foot (laces).

Shooting and trapping

Another good drill is to choose a spot on the wall and take a shot at it. You can also bring some chalk with you and mark spots on the wall. These will be your targets. When the ball comes back, take one touch and shoot again at the next target. Again, at least 10 shots with each foot.

Walls are great however they cause alot of wear and tear on the ball. A wall made out of wood may not cause as much wear and tear like a concrete/brick wall. Make sure to switch up your training. You can also lob the ball against the wall then stop with your chest to set up for a shot.

Heres a great video I found that pretty much illustrates this.


Cones are a great training tool and inexpensive. You can get this at any sports store near you. I liked to use cones for working on dribbling. When setting up the cones you want to give yourself at least 2ft of space between each cone. I would get at least 5-10 cones to start.

Dribling Drills

After the cones are set up, you are going to work on your inside foot. Zig-Zag thorough each cone using only your inside foot. Do at least 3 reps. When finished, use your out side your foot next. Make sure to keep the ball close to you, your knees bent and your head up. Do not look at your feet. You want to see what is ahead of you.

I had a friend who I played in high school with and he used to tell me how when he was a kid living in Brazil, he would dribble his soccer ball all the way to school. He did this everyday. If you are a parent reading this and if your kid walks to school or maybe he/she walks to the bus stop. I highly recommend doing this (go with them of course if you can, safety first). This a great way for you to work on ball control and keeping your head up to be aware of your surroundings. So if the place you train at is walking distance, dribble all the way there.

*Fun Tip: Using small ball, like a size one helps a lot!

There are also soccer training programs you can purchase that have training drills that can be done at home. Kinda like those at home work out videos back in the day. Here are some training programs that I recommend.

*if you want to read my reviews on the training programs listed above you can see them on my product reviews page.


beach soccer

Playing at the Beach

If you live near the beach, take advantage. Playing in the sand has many benefits. If you don’t live near a beach, or you don’t live on the coast, maybe you can find a volley ball court with sand and take the net down.  Since the sand is bumpy and uneven, passes on the ground are usually going to be iffy, forcing you to be more aerial. This will help you improve your volley shoots, headers, long passes, and lobs. Which are all key skills on the field. Playing bare foot is also great for improving your ball control and first touch. Not to mention since the sand is uneven, this is a great work out for your legs and core. You will need some friends to play at the beach with you. There wont be to much you can do on your own. I know the post is supposed to be focused on things you can do on your own, but I just wanted to add this in because if you are fortunate to live near a beach this is a great way to have fun with your friends and improve your skills. If you are looking for something a little more, or do not like using a wall, there are some great products out there that can help you.

franklin launch ramp


Best Soccer Cleats – Top 5

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you. I will earn commission if you follow the links and make a purchase.


This boot was made specifically for strikers and the overall design was focused around finishing. The entire upper features integrated knitted threads that are able to move freely so that your foot is locked down while seamlessly  mimicking your foot shape giving you a tight fit but always allowing you to move freely as well. The fit cover also fully covers you ankle bone. The sole was designed to be flexible when your foot bends upward and stiffens when your foot bends downward. This helps when a quick sudden move is needed to get in position to shoot (maneuverability). The foam pads all around the boot are meant for a few things. When dribbling down the field the pads help grip the ball so that it stays close to your feet and will also provide you with some rebound when you strike the ball hard. It wont make your shots stronger, but it will make it less painful when you strike so you can go has hard as you need to. The Hypervenom Phantom lll is a great investment.

hypervenom phantom 3


The Predator 18.1 is one of the top contenders for boots this year. It features a soft synthetic upper and the “Primeknit” has ridged areas that give you the grip you need for dribbling and striking. The Primeknit’s also gives a solid grip on the ball in various weather conditions. Snow, rain and dry. This boot however, does not cover your ankle. Instead It fits under the an

kle but high enough to cover the Achilles tendon. So if your not a fan of your ankle being covered, this would be a good option. The soleplate has a  control stud alignment which features triangular shaped studs designed for turning and stability under the foot. This boot is pretty much a laced version of the high-end Pedator 18 +, which has the Primeknit sock in place of a tongue.

predator 18.1 green


Adidas Predator 18+ Firm Ground

As mentioned above the 18+ main difference is that it does not have laces. There are tons of other reviews that say one is better than the other but  I personally do not think there isn’t much difference between the two other than the laces.  No laces come in handy when running late for a game and you need to quickly put on your boots, but if your the type of person that needs to be able to put on your boots as tight as possible then maybe the 18+ is not the best choice. If your worried about the boot slipping off,  I wouldn’t. The boot was designed to fit snug on your feet and even on your toes. At first the fit might seem some what tight but after a few sessions they will stretch. Unlike the Hypervenom, this particular boot was not specifically designed for strikers. This would be an ideal boot for a midfielder or play maker. Instead, the focus is on ball control. The tagline for the boot even stated that they offer “clinical precision for the master of control.”

perdator 18+

Adidas X 18+ Firm Ground Cleats

I know, I know… Another Adidas boot? Hear me out on this one. The X18+ was built with speed in mind. These firm ground boots feature a low-cut collar, moulded heel and skin-tight fit to lock your foot in. These boots are also laceless but trust and believe you will not need them. The upper is coated in “Skeletalweave”, which is a grid of fine yarns that will complement your touch. The outsole is light weight, so you can run as fast with out a drag. Even though the sole is light you will still get the stability you need. The studs are combined with round heel studs that enable quick starts and stops on firm ground which we all know is key in soccer.

Adidas X18.1+

Nike Premier Il

If your looking for a traditional quality leather boot without spending too much, the Nike Premier ll is a great option. The upper is genuine kangaroo leather and a little bit slimmer than the Copa Mundial which in my opinion is a little too bulky. The style of the shoe resembles the classic Nike Tiempos which I had two pairs of myself back in High School. One for grass and one for indoor soccer. I loved them that much.  One thing I would advise if you do plan on buying the Premier ll, is to make sure its a snug fit out of the box because the leather will tend to stretch.  The leather will give you a soft touch on the ball and the not to mention they weigh 8.6oz. Not bad. This boot is more of a traditionalist. It was built for stability and comfort. The Premier two is not too much different form the original Premier. A couple of things that did change was that memory foam on the tongue that was on the original Premier was removed (which I do not see why) and the tongue folds over.

nike premier 2


Disclosure:Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you. I will earn commission if you follow the links and make a purchase.